100% Simply Perfect Photographs


Book Description:

Toula Mavridou-Messer, member of the American Photography Association, shares her favourite images in this wonderful collection of 100% Simply Perfect Photographs. In her own words, “Art IS how your heart sees things, isn’t it? Sometimes everything is clear and crisp, other times it seems black and white but most of the time it’s filled with joy, happiness and a rainbow of all the colours and shades experienced by man.“ “My heart has captured every image that you see in our book. Hopefully, they will capture yours, too. One of the greatest photographers of all time, Ansel Adams, summed it all up for me with this perfect quote, “Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.”

Available as a paperback from Amazon.


What talent! When you get this book, you have to read the intro before going through all the amazing photographs. They were taken with a used 10 year old camera. For those of you into photography this is a big deal as cameras have advanced so much today. Yet, the pictures are so perfect you would assume the latest and greatest camera available was being used!

These pictures are incredible! As I was going through them, I said to myself that I will mention my favorites in the review. Not even halfway through I was laughing at myself for having that thought because at that point, I had so many favorites, I would just be re-stating what you would find in the book. There were so many pictures that caught my eye.

The picture layout is fantastic as well! The color pattern flowed beautifully! (Word Forward)

100% Simply Perfect Photographs takes you on an adventure on land, sea and air. I was captivated by incredible pictures from an incredibly talented photographer! (Heather)

Love this book. Filled with stunning images that transport me visually someplace unexpected and unique. Can’t wait to get all her other books. A must have! (Annie Jeeves)

Gorgeous photos!! (Jason)

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