Pocketful of Poesies: Absolutely All Artful Alliterations


Book Description: 

Pocketful of Poesies is unlike any publication you have ever previously perused and that is quite a phenomenal pursuance. Pocketful of Poesies is a pick of perfectly plangent dark tales. An astonishing array of very short stories that take alliteration to a completely new level with absolutely EVERY word beginning with the same letter. This mind blowing volume of amazing alliteration, such as “Annie and Adam’s Adventure at Arthur’s Animal Aid Association,” “Betty Bets Billy ‘Bout Blowing Bigger Bubbles Better,” and “Colin Couldn’t Comprehend Chafing Cream” WILL blow your mind. The alphabet may have 26 letters but there is no rule that each word you use has to start with a different one each time and Toula Mavridou-Messer proves just that in Volume One of Pocketful of Poesies.

Available as a paperback from Amazon, or an ebook via Kindle and is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


Your eye is naturally drawn to the colourful artwork on the cover – courtesy of James Messer, and you can’t wait to take a peak inside… What awaits is a courageously clever collection of short sharp stories, each with an astounding array of alliterations. Quite how it is possible to start every word in every story with the same letter is stupefying! (Heidi-Jane Smith)

Unlike Toula Mavridou-Messer, the author, I have no words. Well, I have one word, WORDSMITH. The Urban Dictionary has almost as many words as Ms M-M and they describe a wordsmith as ‘One with the ability to effortlessly string together words, no matter their actual meaning, in an instance and in such a way it brings a smile to the faces of those listening, sometimes often laughter or tears of admiration for having heard someone with such an amazing skill.’ Ms M-M is a wordsmith beyond compare making this book brilliant for both older children for whom it can only nurture a love of words and their clever use whilst keeping them gloriously entertained and for adults who can only marvel at the size of her vocabulary whilst chuckling at her tales. 10/10 (Miss T)

A tongue twister of a read. Great use of words. Betty and Billy blowing bubbles reminds me of my children when they were younger. Frightened Frank is me! The illustration are great too. (Lai)

This book is absolute genius and a master class in the use of language and alliteration. This book ought to be standard text in schools as a great example to young learners of creativity and language.

*For a personalised digital autograph for your e-reader, please go here: Get your e-book signed by Toula Mavridou-Messer


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