Fifty Shades of Grey Freed

Fifty shades of grey have now been freed in The Sultans of Swag™ Etsy store. Last year was all about bold and bright, neons, retro and kitsch Americana.

2018 is all about black, white and all the shades of grey in between. As top US interior designer Jan Showers says, “Every room needs a touch of black just as it needs at least one antique piece.”



Our homes are reflections of who we are and who we aspire to be. Many people live with plain walls and furnishings for fear of making a ‘style’ mistake, revealing too much of themselves, lack of confidence in their choices and a limited budget.

Let 2018 be the year that you step out of your comfort zone with one of our black and white images which will suit all styles and colours within your home, your office; your life. By adding something you love to your living space, you really are turning it into your home.

Bunny Wiliams, famous for her livable luxury decorating style, says, “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.”

Each of our designs is available as a signed photographic art print in a range of sizes and prices that fit your budget. The same or compliementary images can also be made to order specifically for you on a variety of products, ranging from mugs, coasters and placemats, to glass chopping boards, resuable coffee cups, water bottles, insulated lunch bags, over gloves/ mitts and so on.

For limited outlay you can transform your home or your office into the place of your dreams. All items are made just for you and can be customised and personalised.

Whilst the Pantone Colours of the Year come and go, your classic black and white artworks and home decor will remain timeless.

Visit The Sultans of Swag™ store now and let us know which images will turn your house into a home.





Pink As The Bing On Your Cherry

Your wish has been answered! I know that you are really busy and that the impending Holiday Season is looming ever closer, filling you with dread and foreboding. “How on earth am I supposed to do my gift buying when there literally are not enough hours in the day?”

I also know that you would really like to get everyone the perfect gift – a well thought out gesture – as the giving is part of the fun – and would like to maintain some sort of balance in your bank account as partying over the Holidays is the another part of the fun. In fact, it IS the fun.

Fear not – here is the first in our weekly The Sultans of Swag™ Holiday Gift Guide – Pink Edition and we have broken it down by price to make life that much easier for you – Up To £5, Up to £10, Up To £20 and Up To £50. There’s nothing here that will break the bank and best of all items are made to order especially for you!

Here are our curated #Giftsforhim: son, brother, father, grandfather, cousin, uncle, boyfriend, husband, friend, colleague, boss and #Giftsforher: daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, cousin, aunt, girlfriend, wife, friend, colleague, boss

Up To £5:

KEYRINGS – A super glossy and sturdy wooden keyring with a bold and unique design. Each keyring is handmade to order and you can choose from more than 200 images and only £4.50 (+P&P)


Up To £10:

Mugs – each 11oz ceramic coffee/ tea mug is made to order and will feature the design of your choice from the 100’s available. Some mugs can also be personalised and customised (as below): name, background colours and colour of cat. Each mug is £10 (+P&P)


Pocket Mirrors: these 3″/ 76mm mirrors are perfect for your handbag, pocket, desk-drawer or for travelling and are only £6.50 (+P&P)


Up to £20:

Gift Boxed Cufflinks: add some style and individuality to work wear or for a special occasion with these made to order accessories. There are over 200 designs to choose from as the image can be chosen from most of the images available. Only £15 (+P&P)

Fine Art Photographic Wall Art Prints: a vast selection of unframed signed art works, printed to order, starting at only £20 for a 5″ x7″ print (+P&P) – and go right up to 20″ x30″ (or larger and on aluminium, if custom ordered).


Up To £50:

Luxury Square Linen Throw Cushions (in 3 sizes and price points) made to order especially for you – just choose your design. Starting at £32 (+P&P) and available in 12 x 12, 18 x 18 and 22 x 22.

Really hope our gift guide has inspired you and made gift shopping easier.

The Sultans of Swag™ help you stamp your personality on your home with inspirational home accessories that create a home as unique as you are.


Help Your Home Live The Dream

So, you’ve worked really hard and finally landed that dream job? Congratulations!

Perhaps you now work in those hallowed offices of Google, or one of the most successful online gaming companies? Or you are working as an animator or a graphic designer in one of the coolest design or film companies in town? Or maybe you would just like to give the impression that you are living the dream?

Your friends are thrilled for you and really envious and want to hear all about it, so you decide to plan a get together at yours. The only problem is, although ‘yours’ is great – your first flat, a rental that you are thrilled with; it’s within walking distance of the tube, has big windows and some character – it is the obligatory landlord magnolia and all of the furnishings and home decor are standard Ikea. That’s also not a major problem as at least they are new and match and are clean and bright.

What is a problem, is that you really want your living space to reflect your personality, your interests and of course, your stonking new job that is impressing everyone and….everyone is turning up in just over a week from now!

Well, there’s no need to worry. Ikea have done you proud and your basics are all there. Now it’s time to add a few special ingredients to really give your home the flavour you are after and leave a wonderful taste in the mouths of all of your friends and family…and without breaking the bank, or worrying that your friends will have the same things in their flats, too.

Here are some ideas of how you can upgrade and personalise your home decor – whether it’s a studio flat or a house with a couple of bedrooms and all within your budget and your personal style all from The Wild West Art Store.

Amazing signed wall art prints from a Saatchi Art represented photograher start at £20 + P&P and the coolest customised luxury linen throw cushions start at £32 + P&P, with everything created to order especially for you.

Below are some fun combination ideas within a budget. There are many more colour ranges and ideas for you to choose from. Currently The Wild West Art Store features over 300 unique products and more are added regularly.

Up to £65:

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One 5×7 signed print of your choice (from for £20 + £3.99 P&P, framed in an Ikea Ribba frame (comes with pre-cut mount for only £4) and one 12×12 luxury linen throw cushion of your choice (from for only £32 + £5 P&P

Up to £85:

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Two 5×7 signed prints of your choice (from for £20 + P&P each, framed in an Ikea Ribba frame (comes with pre-cut mount for only £4 each) and one 12×12 luxury linen throw cushion of your choice (from for only £32 + P&P – as illustrated above.

For those of you with a larger budget, your choices are infinite – you can choose more and larger luxury linen cushions (18×18=£38 and 22×22=£48) and more and larger signed prints.

You can even contact The Wild West Art Store to create customised prints too, with the option of having them printed full gloss on aluminium and ready to hang!

Orders can be turned around swiftly; a few days for prints and about a week for your cushions – all of which are created to order especially for you.

New product ranges will be added to the store soon, which will include made to order washbags/ make-up bags, mugs, purses, cufflink sets and more.

Bespoke wall art, home decor and gifts have never been more fun, or more affordable.

Help your home live the dream. Visit The Wild West Art Store and order your own unique and affordable home decor combinations right now.







Custom Orders: You Get Exactly What You Pay For


It’s not like me to custom order anything. The thought terrifies me and does something internally on a very basic psychological level. It’s rather ridiculous when you think about it but there it is.

As the Universe reflects back what we need in our lives, you can imagine my discomfort when first opening The Wild West Art Store on Etsy, to discover that there is not only a ‘Custom Order’ button but that people actually use it! No, really.

The first time I received a personal message with a custom order, I have to admit it threw me for a loop. What’s wrong with the billions of options I have already offered you, I thought to myself – you see how my own issues were causing me problems? – but that very quickly changed.

My first custom order, you see, was from a gentleman somewhere in Oregon who wanted to know what the BIGGEST size available would be for a selection of FIVE of my Oregon prints for his office walls – above and beyond the poster size that I already offer! After some to-ing and fro-ing we agreed on sizes for the various images (some looked better than others in the new LARGER dimensions) and the customer got exactly what he wanted and needed and I realised that that is what ‘service’ is all about. It’s about giving you what you want and need.

Since then, I have had other custom orders. People who have seen my images in the ‘flesh,’ so to speak (at exhibitions) and want to know if it’s possible to have this or that image on aluminium or canvas and have a budget of such and such.

One woman recently contacted me to let me know that she was looking for something special for a relative’s 75th birthday and had a fixed budget. “He loves Vegas, Route 66 and all that retro Americana stuff,” she said, “and it would be great to have one of your images on that really glossy stuff rather than a standard print in a frame.” Well, you have come to the right place I thought.

Another person contacted me having won a frame I made up with a selection of 3 individual prints for a draw, to ask how her friend could get the same, having coveted the prize upon the wnner’s wall.

Now I get the whole ‘Custom Order‘ thing and realise that that is the whole point of a site like Etsy. You really do get what you pay for.

Just sharing: you can see the unveiling of the Portland Custom Order here: and the unveiling of a Custom Order aluminium print here:–xkj4



Look Here for Amazing Office Art!


Copy of FineArt-Kitsch-Retro-Neon-IconicArt-WallArt-RoomDecor-DormDecor-Children'sArt-Gifts-Landscape-Vintage (1)A new acquaintance mentioned something the other day and for a split second I was struck dumb – which doesn’t happen often, as my husband will readily attest – and then my brain started whirring into gear.

What the acquaintance said was this, “I have just moved into a new office; bought the desks, chairs and equipment but I have no idea where to look for ‘office’ art.”

The reason he was telling me was because I was tagged in response to his Facebook post asking if anyone knew where he could start looking for ‘affordable prints that are cool and appropriate for all clients.’

It was his lucky day because I was able to reply with a big fat YES!!

I am a Saatchi Art represented artist and I sell art prints. Photographic art prints via The Wild West Art Store on Etsy and ship them internationally.

Most of my art is suitable for office walls, all are extremely affordable and all are also totally original, so you won’t have to worry that you will see the art you have spent your valuable time choosing wisely, hung on every wall in every office or home you ever walk into. Remember the days of the Athena poster? Well, not that. Or at least not yet.

Depending on what your ‘business’ is, I am certain I have art to match – from cityscapes, seascapes and landscapes, to powerful architectural buildings and bridges, kitsch and bold neons, vintage style retro signs & cars, flora, fauna, abstract, modern, pop art, black & white, colour and sepia.

Everything is customisable and can be printed on photo paper, fine art paper, canvas and even aluminium (with maximum sizes determined by the type of print you choose). It’s all up to you.

You deserve a break, so grab a cuppa and spend a few minutes browsing and imagine how that bare magnolia wall will look with an incredible and unique print right in the middle of it – in a week or so from now!

Just click here and make your choice!

My business makes your business look better.




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Oregon – You Little Beauty

We just got back from a 3 week trip to Oregon. Friends moved there 10 years ago and invited us to visit.

Our first sight of what was to come was from the ‘plane window. The stranger in the window seat pointed out the mountain and the shiny waters of the two lakes beneath it and urged us to go visit. He turned out to be Kevin Rankin, the US-born drummer for a UK-born band: A Flock of Seagulls and had friends in common with our friends – which we discovered at the baggage carousel. Obviously.

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon
Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon by Toula Mavridou-Messer

Our destination was Portland – an incredibly vibrant city, full of coffee shops (very few offering decaf oddly), local breweries (very few offering low or non-alcoholic brews), cafes, independent cinemas and bookstores, ice-cream and doughnut stores, vintage and thrift stores, music and comic stores, the Willamette River, bridges too numerous to mention (and oh so beautiful. It appears that I have a thing about bridges…!), green and open spaces, defined neighbourhoods, fabulous live music venues, art! art! art!, wonderful and interesting people and scenery to die for, viewable from various vantage points at every turn.

Our trip was memorable mainly but not leastly for this one fact: it was totally effortless to have the most fantastic and restful time with friends who could not have been more generous, funny, hospitable and welcoming to us.

Our friends have two teenage children (at various wonderful stages of their lives – we shared first job interviews and acceptances with them) and two Irish Red Setter dogs.

The dogs enabled us to go for numerous soul-soothing walks; locally (at the Arboretum, the Pittock Mansion, Forest Park) and further afield; at Sandy (along the river with the snow-capped Mount Hood watching over us from a distance), at Cascade Locks, the Wahclella Falls, the Columbia River Gorge, Hood River, Mirror and Trillium Lakes and so on.

We felt like we saw everything and then some.

We arrived on July 2nd. On the 4th we celebrated Independence Day with their in-laws, in a sunshine and flower-filled garden, eating delicious home-grilled foods and catching up on ‘life.’

The evening of the 4th was spent down by the river-side at the Blues Fest, listening to live music (including the amazing Canned Heat), eating felafel and watching the fireworks exploding high into the night sky. The atmosphere was electric and joyful.

*Please enjoy my images from Oregon, available as prints here PHOTOS. Post continues below.

The following days saw us visiting (in no particular order, as the magic melded into one perfect discovery of all things Oregon):

  • Petroglyphs in Washington State at Horsethief Butte
  • Art (including crazy, wonderful chess sets) at the Maryhill Museum of Art
  • The Maryhill Stonehenge War Memorial (yes, it really is a thing. Who knew?)
  • The Columbia River Gorge
  • The Dalles Dam & Bridge
  • Wahclella Falls – an astonishing hike and view and the waters so refreshing that when I stepped into the rushing water (by accident as I slipped off a small rock whilst taking photographs), I felt like I had gone to heaven and wanted to stand there all day long; cool feet on a long, hot summer’s day. Mmm.
  • Thunder Island Brewing Company at Cascade Locks for the most perfect and delicious lunch by the water, who also offered treats for the dogs!
  • The Audebon Society – to see the wild birds they are so carefully and wonderfully caring for and rehabilitating, where possible.
  • Bagdad Theater and Pub, so we could sit and watch a movie whilst food and drink was served directly to our seats.
  • Hollywood Theater so we could see Dunkirk on day one of its release in all of its 70mm gory glory.
  • Salt and Straw and Ruby Jewel ice-cream stores.
  • Mississippi Street Fair experiencing all sorts of original art, music and local energy
  • Nike Biketown bicycle ride (for 16 miles…ahem) along the river
  • Astoria for frozen custard
  • Cannon Beach and the most amazing volcanic rock display in the form of Haystack Rock
  • Fort Stevens State Park and the amazing Peter Iredale shipwreck on the beach
  • Voodoo Doughnuts for a box filled with the craziest yumminess including the bacon doughnut
  • The Doug Fir for a giant Cobb Salad…and one of the very few decaf coffees to be found
  • Laurelthirst for fabulous live music with Lewi Longmire and his band
  • Jesse Reno and his exciting contemporary-primitive abstract narrative art
  • Sauvie Island where I discovered Apple Butter for the first time in my life at the Pumpkin Patch Market
  • The Pearl for a visit to Anthropologie, Oblation and various other wonderful shops and being ‘ladies who lunch’
  • A death-defying walk across the St John’s Bridge (aka Captain Marvel’s Sky Bridge) as trucks thundered past only inches away and we could feel the bridge wobble hundreds of feet in the air beneath our feet. It was terrifying and not something we would recommend (because we are wimps and vertigo is not our friend!)
  • Ate tantalising fare from food trucks
  • Devoured the biggest ever ‘loaded’ hot chocolate at the Timberline Lodge (where they used the exterior for the hotel in The Shining)
  • Drove by the ‘Twilight’ house
  • Searched the Chris Haberman mural in Milwaukie for the nod to the Cleveland Browns…

…and so much more.

The most memorable moments also include the valuable time we spent at home with the family, sitting on the deck, making s’mores on the fire and being bitten by mosquitoes!

Still recovering from jetlag and wondering how long it will take to save up for the next trip.

Thank you Fells for everything!! You have no idea just how much we love you and appreciate you sharing your time, home, family, pets and state with us!


If you have a space on a wall, are looking for a gift and are interested in any of my images from our trip to fill that requirement or just want to browse, please visit The Wild West Art Store on Etsy (and search ‘Oregon’). There are so many images that are on my hard-drive that will be edited and added over time, so do check back. If you are after something specific, please do let me know as it may be waiting for a nudge for me to post it up!




Last night something amazing and unexpected happened.

We won an award! Our very first award.

We were invited to showcase our art at the Woohoo Achievement Evening and were more than excited about that. Such an incredible opportunity to showcase our photography to an audience of incredibly talented and successful business people.

Then, all of a sudden these words were read out in the category of A Dream Achiever – 2017, “Whatever she sets her mind to, I believe Toula could achieve it. She is caring for her mum who has dementia and remains so positive in life. Toula has changed her career, written books and developed amazingly as a photographic artist. She has recently been recognised by Saatchi Art and I believe she will become a widely acclaimed artist as she sets out to be. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with Toula. I really do admire her positive outlook on life and how socially adaptable she is. She has great ideas and is inspiring to be around. She definitely is a ‘Dream Achiever’ in my world.”

All nominations were anonymous so even more exciting and humbling! You just never know who is watching!


If you would like to what all the Woohoo is about, click here: