Mum Comes Home Tomorrow

As of tomorrow, we will no longer be a household of 2. Mum is coming home from her scare home and life for the three of us will never be the same.

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Hopefully, we are up to the challenge and will cope with all the demands that caring for someone with advanced dementia and Alzheimer’s entails.

I am trying not to panic at the thought of sleepless nights, constant attention giving, safety awareness, personal ‘care’ (bathing and toileting etc), feeding well, exercising well and everything else that is currently racing around in my head.

I am worried that Mum will wake in the night and fall down the stairs, or that I won’t notice a foot injury (after the scare home made her diabetic) and that she will develop an infection and need an amputation and…..OMG!

The terror is real.

On the upside, Mum is funny and often makes us laugh and is usually easy going despite her many needs that are only going to increase with time.

Please can you wish us luck and say a prayer or two for us all? ❤


6 thoughts on “Mum Comes Home Tomorrow

      1. Any groups in your area about caretakes with the similar diagnoses? Might help to have support that way. I give you both so much credit and wish you all the luck. I bet with your love and support she will thrive.


      2. Thank you! A great suggestion. I have no idea but will now look into it. We are currently on survival mode working out how to do this so are just concentrating on doing all of the practical stuff (GP, District Nurse, cataracts, home security and sensors etc.) but a group like the one you have suggested would probably be a Godsend to us all. Very grateful to you!

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