Custom Orders: You Get Exactly What You Pay For


It’s not like me to custom order anything. The thought terrifies me and does something internally on a very basic psychological level. It’s rather ridiculous when you think about it but there it is.

As the Universe reflects back what we need in our lives, you can imagine my discomfort when first opening The Wild West Art Store on Etsy, to discover that there is not only a ‘Custom Order’ button but that people actually use it! No, really.

The first time I received a personal message with a custom order, I have to admit it threw me for a loop. What’s wrong with the billions of options I have already offered you, I thought to myself – you see how my own issues were causing me problems? – but that very quickly changed.

My first custom order, you see, was from a gentleman somewhere in Oregon who wanted to know what the BIGGEST size available would be for a selection of FIVE of my Oregon prints for his office walls – above and beyond the poster size that I already offer! After some to-ing and fro-ing we agreed on sizes for the various images (some looked better than others in the new LARGER dimensions) and the customer got exactly what he wanted and needed and I realised that that is what ‘service’ is all about. It’s about giving you what you want and need.

Since then, I have had other custom orders. People who have seen my images in the ‘flesh,’ so to speak (at exhibitions) and want to know if it’s possible to have this or that image on aluminium or canvas and have a budget of such and such.

One woman recently contacted me to let me know that she was looking for something special for a relative’s 75th birthday and had a fixed budget. “He loves Vegas, Route 66 and all that retro Americana stuff,” she said, “and it would be great to have one of your images on that really glossy stuff rather than a standard print in a frame.” Well, you have come to the right place I thought.

Another person contacted me having won a frame I made up with a selection of 3 individual prints for a draw, to ask how her friend could get the same, having coveted the prize upon the wnner’s wall.

Now I get the whole ‘Custom Order‘ thing and realise that that is the whole point of a site like Etsy. You really do get what you pay for.

Just sharing: you can see the unveiling of the Portland Custom Order here: and the unveiling of a Custom Order aluminium print here:–xkj4




Look Here for Amazing Office Art!


Copy of FineArt-Kitsch-Retro-Neon-IconicArt-WallArt-RoomDecor-DormDecor-Children'sArt-Gifts-Landscape-Vintage (1)A new acquaintance mentioned something the other day and for a split second I was struck dumb – which doesn’t happen often, as my husband will readily attest – and then my brain started whirring into gear.

What the acquaintance said was this, “I have just moved into a new office; bought the desks, chairs and equipment but I have no idea where to look for ‘office’ art.”

The reason he was telling me was because I was tagged in response to his Facebook post asking if anyone knew where he could start looking for ‘affordable prints that are cool and appropriate for all clients.’

It was his lucky day because I was able to reply with a big fat YES!!

I am a Saatchi Art represented artist and I sell art prints. Photographic art prints via The Wild West Art Store on Etsy and ship them internationally.

Most of my art is suitable for office walls, all are extremely affordable and all are also totally original, so you won’t have to worry that you will see the art you have spent your valuable time choosing wisely, hung on every wall in every office or home you ever walk into. Remember the days of the Athena poster? Well, not that. Or at least not yet.

Depending on what your ‘business’ is, I am certain I have art to match – from cityscapes, seascapes and landscapes, to powerful architectural buildings and bridges, kitsch and bold neons, vintage style retro signs & cars, flora, fauna, abstract, modern, pop art, black & white, colour and sepia.

Everything is customisable and can be printed on photo paper, fine art paper, canvas and even aluminium (with maximum sizes determined by the type of print you choose). It’s all up to you.

You deserve a break, so grab a cuppa and spend a few minutes browsing and imagine how that bare magnolia wall will look with an incredible and unique print right in the middle of it – in a week or so from now!

Just click here and make your choice!

My business makes your business look better.




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