Day Six – Que Sera Sera

Yesterday was day six on this journey. It was also a Sunday.

Mum was either worn out from the meltdowns, or decided to have a day of rest.

We chilled, thanks to the dulcet tones of Neil Sedaka, followed swiftly by Doris Day, which rendered a sense of peacefulness over our home.

Mum also wanted to nap. A lot.

Physically, in just 6 days, Mum looks 10-15 years younger. Is it that we have taken her off one of her medications that was clearly causing her issues (Sukkarto for T2D), and instead have been feeding her a healthy low carb diet?

Or, is it that for the first time in years (probably), that Mum has been hydrated? I bought her a lovely water bottle with built-in straw, that indicates how much Mum has drunk by a certain time. It’s fantastic! Mum loves it because it is pink and see-through. She can see what is in the bottle and finds the colour happy and bright!

We haven’t yet managed to bathe Mum – we can’t get her in the bath – but have requested help from the local authority. Fingers crossed that help arrives in the next day or so.


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