About Me:


Hey – thanks for stopping by!

I have written all of my life.

I started typing my first novel at the age of two and never looked back.

At the age of 12 I was delighted to WIN a coveted Blue Peter badge for writing a script for Grange Hill.

At 15, I was a regular gossip columnist for Gay News Magazine, whilst still studying for my ‘O’ Levels.

Then, at the ripe old age of 22, I WON a computer in a ‘Write A Blockbuster‘ competition for a national women’s magazine.

It wasn’t until 2014, when encouraged by the other members of the LA Writers Center, that I published any of my work.

It was a busy year as Mortal End: A Simmering Pit of Jiggery Pokery (gothic horror novel), followed by Pocketful of Poesies: Absolutely All Artful Alliterations (humorous short stories) and then 100% Simply Perfect Photographs (coffee table photography book) were all brought to life.

Joyfully, I am thrilled to announce that so far: Pocketful of Poesies reached #2 in the Kindle charts for TEEN & YA/ HUMOROUS and Mortal End reached #21 in HORROR/ THRILLERS with both books consistently selling well.

JONATHAN ROSS (British TV Presenter and Halloween aficianado) said about MORTAL END: “The spookiest treat for Halloween’s right here. 178 pages of dark, twisted & mysterious goings on.”

Apart from being an author, my other overwhelming creative passion is photography. In 2005, I bought a used Nikon from a friend and haven’t looked back. Somehow, its capabilities and my eye merged and I have captured some extraoridnary images.

My (graphic designer) husband James and I launched the series of 100% Photography books, starting with ‘100% SIMPLY PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHY.’

I am a member of the American Photography Association and regularly sell prints, merchandise and image licenses via my very own ETSYPIXELS and SAATCHI online galleries.

FineArt-Kitsch-Retro-Neon-IconicArt-WallArt-RoomDecor-DormDecor-Children'sArt-Gifts-Landscape-Vintage (7).png


Select images of mine are also available for sale through Walmart, Wayfair and other well known outlets in the USA.

Before dedicating my life to creating books, I had a fabulous time working as one of the world’s most successful Celebrity Bookers/ Producers and am fortunate to have been part of the ‘Talent’ team on most of the well known entertainment shows on both sides of the Atlantic and also on a number of extremely prestigious charities.

To hear more, please take a listen to this interview I did with BBC Three Counties Radio.

Thanks so much for reading this page, visiting my blog and my Etsy store, too.

With love,

Toula Xxx



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